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Voice Dialogue as a transformational practice... 

Connecting Personality and Soul



	 Galatea of the Spheres by Salvador Dalí, 1952

Voice Dialogue is a consciousness process facilitating a thorough exploration of our multi faceted personality. Intimately communicating with different sub personalities we separate from the energies that protect and control us. We start to be centered within our many polarities, this includes our lost and discarded aspects especially our deep vulnerability. We learn to take care of ourselves more consciously and compassionately enabling us to live full and connected lives.

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Voice Dialogue enables us to relax into our expanded personality. Ana Barner created Soul Dialogue to extend this journey beyond our current identity into the very roots of our Being. Deepening the process into a trancelike state, we connect with themes and memories from other lives that unconsciously direct and limit our current one. We receive information and insights from an eternal energy within us, expanding and deepening our capacity to live more conscious and embodied lives and relationships.

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As we explore parts of our personality and learn to dis-identify from them the question arises: if I am not who I thought I was….who am I? Transpersonal Dialogue initiates and facilitates an inquiry that takes us beyond our personality into a space of expanded Beingness. Discovering our individual and unique pathways to this peaceful state within the session we learn to be able to return there in our daily lives.

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Relationships are challenging and they offer one of the most exciting and rewarding opportunities to grow beyond our automatic and unconscious reaction patterns. Voice Dialogue responds to this invitation with a unique relationship model and a safe and creative process, enabling us to be more intimately connected to each other.

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I have been passionate about discovering who I am and what I am here to do from a very early age. Studying psychology and then social work I wanted to go deeper. This search led me on a worldwide journey of self exploration and professional development, experiencing a multitude of psycho spiritual therapies and modalities.

I trained in Voice Dialogue in the mid eighties with the founders Dr's Hal and Sidra Stone and have loved this deeply transformative and enriching consciousness process ever since. I enjoy accompanying couples in their process towards a more connected and enriching relationship. And I particularly like being able to support others to explore and com­passionately integrate the different aspects of their personality, opening a pathway to a more soul based life. More....

Ana Barner
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