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Driven by the idea that we are not ok, we often feel internal confusion, self criticism and distress.


We live in unconscious relationship patterns and experience general friction with the outside world. This makes its hard for us to remember our transpersonal nature.


Voice Dialogue helps us to accept and relax into who we are. It can provide an entry point into a deep transpersonal experience.

What is a Transpersonal Experience?

Most of us have a sense that we are more than just our personality. Sometimes we have moments of being in a space beyond every day reality. It often begins with a sense of dropping in and coming home. We become more present: thoughts diminish, we are aware of our breathing and experience a deep physical relaxation. Our senses intensify with stronger colours, smells and sounds as well as a feeling of loving awareness. We can experience a peaceful detachment from our identification with personality and everyday living. This loss of identity and full emptiness creates an intimate connection with everything and a sense of compassion for ourselves and others. Dropping into the Now by letting go of past and future, our usual obsession with problems and solutions fade. We fully accept what is and feel calm and centred.

Transpersonal Dialogue

Sometimes we access this space by the very act of separating from our habitual personality patterns and dropping into the energy in us that is not attached to anything. Another way is to explore disowned aspects, the very spaces we tend to avoid: depression, fear, emptiness, confusion, loneliness, a feeling of being separate, blankness, strong vulnerability,… Being held by the facilitator during a session, we can experience these intense feelings without withdrawing. Often an energetic shift occurs spontaneously as we drop into our transpersonal essence. In this way the deep exploration of disowned selves can function as gateways.

Once we have contacted this expanded state in a session we deepen and ground the experience. The focus is to create pathways to being able to access this space more deliberately and let it flow into our day to day lives. We practice functioning through our body, mind and emotion whilst being centred within our Being. In this way Transpersonal Dialogue can function as a bridge between the personal and the transpersonal, expanding Voice Dialogue into a transformational practice.

Read my article "Transpersonal Dialogue – Voice Dialogue as a Transformational Practice"

“I experienced the presence of Spirit, my spirit and the collective Spirit as one, inseparable. I felt content, happy to simply be. It’s like my soul was present and was looking down at the whole journey of my life…. I knew I didn’t have to do or be anything. I was fully conscious, fully present…. Through voice dialogue facilitation I can now access this part of me which was much more private and mainly visited through meditation. It’s now a very essential self that can have much more of a presence, a voice. A voice that can dialogue with all my other selves, and bring me “Home”, when I feel that my other selves are not serving me.”

Mark, Brunswick Heads

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