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Ana Barner


Ana Barner was born in 1956 in Northern Germany. After studying Psychology and Social Work in the Netherlands she travelled and lived in Israel, Asia, India and the States.


From 1980 to 1985 she became involved in a psycho/spiritual community in India and the USA. Throughout those years she explored and was trained in different therapeutic modalities: co-counselling, radical therapy, rebirthing, hypnotherapy, encounter groups, primal and a variety of meditation techniques.

Ana's interest has always been to work with people in a way that allows them to learn how to be grounded in their personality and day to day life as well as staying connected to their essence.

Moving to Australia in 1985, Ana became involved in Voice Dialogue and helped organise Drs Hal and Sidra Stone‘s first tour in Australia. Since then she has been training and working with Hal and Sidra Stone as a senior staff member in Australia and overseas. In the early 90s Ana started the Sydney Voice Dialogue Centre and then took Voice Dialogue to New Zealand.

Ana then developed Voice Constellations, an interactive and vibrant group technique, making it possible to work with Voice Dialogue within a larger group. This process is often part of the seminars and sometimes available as a stand alone weekend.

After experiencing another spiritual transition in the mid nineties Ana started to develop techniques within Voice Dialogue that allows us to access and inhabit a more transcendent reality, calling this process Transpersonal Dialogue. She also participated in a retreat and a training in Big Mind Big Heart with Genpo Roshi in 2006 and 2008 and incorporates this group enquiry into her programs.

Ana was then inspired by Michael Newton and his book "The Journey of Souls". She experienced this work directly with Peter Smith who was president of the Newton Institute from 2009 to 2018.  She is now offering Soul Dialogue, a process that allows us to connect with our deeper immortal essence and receive information and guidance.

Ana lives in beautiful Ocean Shores, Northern New South Wales in Australia. She offers individual and couples sessions and Couples Retreats in her gorgeous studio. Ana teaches Voice Dialogue workshops and trainings and is available for individual and group supervision.


Please refer to her current teaching program. All of this can happen face to face or online.

“I have known Ana Barner since my first ten day training course in Voice Dialogue, with Hal and Sidra Stone in the mid eighties. She was on the staff, facilitating a whole range of people, including me, and I realised that she obviously knew exactly what she was doing. Since then she has built up a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge about this system, which only can come from a complete commitment to, and understanding of, its crucial principles. It has been her life’s work. She is, without question, totally qualified to teach and train anyone, whatever their previous experience, in the Psychology of Selves and the Voice Dialogue technique.”


Michael Domeyko Rowland - Self Development Author and Presenter

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