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Sidra Stone, Ana Barner, Hal Stone - Voice Dialogue facilitators


“We consider Ana Barner to be a senior Voice Dialogue teacher and facilitator. She draws on an extensive background of psycho-spiritual training, which greatly enhances her gifts as facilitator and teacher. We very strongly recommend her programs to you.”

Drs Hal and Sidra Stone.
Founders of Voice Dialogue

“Fortunate are the people who are able to attend this program with the two of you. You have the technical knowledge, you are solid teachers who both share a strong sense of humour; and most important – you have the magic that communicates itself in such a natural way.”

Dr Hal Stone.
Founder of Voice Dialogue

“I have known Ana Barner since my first ten day training course in Voice Dialogue with Hal and Sidra Stone in the mid eighties. She was on the staff, facilitating a whole range of people including me, and I realised that she obviously knew exactly what she was doing. Since then she has built up a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge about this system, which only can come from a complete commitment to, and understanding of, its crucial principles. It has been her life’s work. She is, without question, totally qualified to teach and train anyone, whatever their previous experience, in the Psychology of Selves and the Voice Dialogue technique.”

Michael Domeyko Rowland
Self Development Author and Presenter

“Since meeting Ana in 1996, I have been impressed by the way she has imbibed Dr Hal and Sidra Stone’s system. She has extensive practical experience and a natural flair for the Voice Dialogue method. As a result, she has developed an excellent ability to facilitate individuals and train groups in this unique work.”


Dr John Coroneos Medical Doctor
Producer of The Voice Dialogue Series. Sydney, Australia

“Ana Barner is a highly skilled Voice Dialogue practitioner and trainer. She makes working with this system look entirely effortless all the while taking people to deeply profound places. I have done numerous trainings' with her and continue to attend her courses because it is such an unusual thing to have this calibre of training available local to where I live. I have always sought out the best teachers in every field I have studied in,  which has meant a lot of overseas travel for that purpose. This is the only intensive training I have done close to home, it is such a great thing to have the best of the Voice Dialogue world available here in Australia. 


The Voice Dialogue process itself has become an invaluable tool for me in my therapeutic practice and the theoretical framework is now an integrated part of how I approach all of my work with people. It is a fantastically gentle approach to mapping the intricacies of the psyche and reverses feelings of shame whilst building profound self awareness. Giving space for all the inner voices to speak instigates a natural balancing and integration within the sub personality system whilst giving us access to the inner resources previously hidden in the shadows. I'm grateful to Ana for sharing her knowledge and skills so openly, this work has certainly enhanced my capacity to support my clients in multiple ways.”


Purdie Wood, Integrative Therapist




“Voice Dialogue has given me a life-changing tool to understand the person I am, to embrace all parts of me, including the less attractive ones, and to provide me with choices for behaving and living.


Marieke Simmonds

Director, HD&T Institute of NZ

“I experienced the presence of Spirit, my spirit and the collective Spirit as one, inseparable. I felt content, happy to simply be. It’s like my soul was present and was looking down at the whole journey of my life…. I knew I didn’t have to do or be anything. I was fully conscious, fully present…. Through voice dialogue facilitation I can now access this part of me which was much more private and mainly visited through meditation. It’s now a very essential self that can have much more of a presence, a voice. A voice that can dialogue with all my other selves, and bring me “Home”, when I feel that my other selves are not serving me.”


Mark, Brunswick Heads

“I am really grateful for all the help that you’ve given me over the last few months. You have given me a chance to explore different feelings and thoughts that previously had been squashed down. I feel like I have a better ability now to look at situations from a number of new perspectives. My thoughts and reactions over the last week have been proof of this. You’ve also helped my husband and I to make some decisions about our future rather than sitting in limbo.”



“Having strategies I could use if I felt I wasn’t coping well was very helpful – the big difference for me was the clarity and awareness of each and every part that I explored with you and feeling that I was (largely) in control of each voice/part and it was not in charge of me as has been the case until you worked your magic. I could choose, knowing I had several helpful and effective parts to get me through.

This is the first time I have come away from doing personal work and remembered all the bits I need and want from the session. I seem to have a clear picture of what was, before my visits to you, a tangle. Clarity! Thank you Ana. You are talented.”


Anabel, Coffs Harbour

“Prior to coming to you, I felt that I was supposed to get rid of the parts of my self that were not serving me and just keep the ones that I like (yes a judgement, however that is also some of the things that I had read and been told). In my heart I knew that this was not right and it also did not gel with my spiritual understandings. So I kept searching and was guided to you. After this weekend, I feel that I am starting to know more about my other selves – some of which have been hidden for quite a while – and am subsequently getting more energy and understanding by continuing on this journey. I am truly grateful to have found this teaching and the way in which you facilitate. So thank you!


Jane, Therapist

“The workshop that I did just before your trip overseas, combined with the previous individual counselling sessions, has really impacted on my life. I am so much more centred and grounded. I’ve been more decisive and better at setting realistic goals. I am much kinder to myself as well. I’ve become a friend to myself and as a consequence I think I’ve become a better friend to my friends. I’m finding that I have more patience and compassion; not to pat myself on the back. I still obviously have the ocassional flip out. (No one’s perfect, thank goodness;-) Thank you so much for working with me; for your time and big heart and warm smile. Most of all, thank you for not being judgemental and showing me that’s it’s okay to be me ;-)


Karen, Brisbane

“I woke up this morning and your smiling face flashed through, so I just thought I would say Hello.  Thank you for being such a great facilitator and teacher and being so open to questions and input (I haven’t seen many people with all of these skills combined) – and for just being fully present with us as individuals and as an entire group. Such a special talent to have!”


Diane, Social Worker

“Thank you Ana for facilitating the Soul Dialogue process with me, it was a profound experience. I now see the golden thread that is woven into the pattern I am playing out in my life. I see people, places and events all directing me to live my life's purpose.”


Pia Lindgren

“My vulnerable self has come home at last and I have so much compassion for her. Whilst having some ‘me’ time this evening I was able to explore a bit more what happened during the session. I found myself sticking my fingers up to those other selves that have until now been functioning to protect my vulnerable self.  Now I am able to love her, I can protect her and whilst I may still listen to my inner critic, prosecutor, judge, analyst, ‘dizzy dalmation protection device’ etc, they have lost their power, at least for now (hello, Mr Sceptic!).


I wanted to have something that would represent her, something I can look at and hold (eg. a piece of lovely material, a smooth pebble, a childhood toy), then it came to me suddenly that she is already in me, in my heart and soul, that she has always been there and in fact as I was thinking and feeling this, I noticed I was touching my heart!  I spent some time hugging her and crying, so glad that we have connected with each other after so much time apart and yet so sad that we have been apart for so long.”


Sara, Tasmania

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