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As we familiarise ourselves with the different aspects of our personality we often come across repeating automatic patterns that are particularly painful. They show up like magnetic themes in our lives that even a thorough investigation with the help of therapeutic processes can’t unravel. Ana Barner developed Soul Dialogue to help us in this journey.


At this stage this deep hypnotic process is only being offered in conjunction with a Voice Dialogue package. Once a clear theme emerges in our sessions we work with it through our personality. How do we respond to these repeated painful and automatic patterns, which parts of us get triggered again and again. Having a clearer understanding of and separation from these addictive struggles we can find more access to our transpersonal nature. This capacity to let go helps us to be able to embark on the Soul Dialogue journey.

Soul Dialogue

Relaxing in a comfortable armchair we slowly move deep within, being guided by Ana’s voice. This is a profound and revealing journey connecting us with our Soul and beyond. Lifting out of our body and human personality we reconnect with our immortal essence, receiving memories, insights and guidance.


Sometimes we suddenly understand what a particular pattern is all about. Other times we connect with guides and soul families and realise their presence in our current life. Occasionally we visit other lifetimes which can explain the themes we are working with in this one. 

“Thank you Ana for facilitating the Soul Dialogue process with me, it was a profound experience. I now see the golden thread that is woven into the pattern I am playing out in my life. I see people, places and events all directing me to live my life's purpose.”


Pia Lindgren

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