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Any meaningful connection presents it’s gifts and challenges. This can be with lovers, spouses, parents, siblings, children, colleagues, clients and friends. We often get attracted to people who carry our opposites.


This of course presents the opportunity to become more expanded in our personality as we integrate the disowned energy the other holds for us.


This is not easy as we often either judge or highly admire what they represent and it triggers our vulnerability. The tendency is to become polarised, we become even more identified with our way of being and react negatively to the other. The very energy we got attracted to is now a problem for us.

Relationship Dialogue

These sessions provide the opportunity to explore the issues people face in relationships within a safe and non judgemental framework. Each person learns about their own personality patterns and discovers how the other carries their opposites. This understanding helps them to unravel the negative reaction patterns that have developed between them. We explore the “fighting culture” of the two people and look at other ways of communicating to strengthen the connection.

Ana sees herself as a translator and guide. She likes to see each individual separately first before working with them together. This helps to establish a connection with the facilitator and the technique and allows each person to explore their reality by themselves first. During the joint sessions we keep exploring the different reaction patterns using Voice Dialogue. This allows each person to really see and feel themselves and the other and start to include their deeper vulnerability into the space. A more connected and close relationship becomes possible. Instead of polarising we start to be able to be each other’s teachers. 

Couple Retreats

An opportunity to take some time to really focus on your relationship. Ana opens her beautiful studio in Ocean Shores, Northern NSW for a few days of deep personal work whilst relaxing in a gorgeous environment. Individual sessions are followed by couples sessions and a theoretical exploration of relationship patterns. There is a possibility of learning how to facilitate each other which will give the couple the opportunity to carry the work further deepening their connection and communication skills.

Conscious Relating Seminars

These workshops provide the opportunity to learn about relationship patterns and to connect with other couples and singles in an environment of deep personal exploration. A variety of processes are offered and part of the training might include learning to facilitate each other.

“I am really grateful for all the help that you’ve given me over the last few months. You have given me a chance to explore different feelings and thoughts that previously had been squashed down. I feel like I have a better ability now to look at situations from a number of new perspectives. My thoughts and reactions over the last week have been proof of this. You’ve also helped my husband and I to make some decisions about our future rather than sitting in limbo.”



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